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Workshop // Intellectual Property Strategy in Europe

Learn about proven strategies in the IP management of your brands on the European market.


We will help you define a strategy that maximizes the value of your organization’s intellectual property and leverages its capability for value creation.

Mitko Tsonev

Innovation enabler

Aglika Ivanova

European Trademark & Design Attorney

Ivan Ivanov

European Patent & Trademark Attorney

Decision Making through visual communication in IPI Institute

The latest practical course from IPI Institute aims to develop a vital set of professional skills in anyone who deals with human interaction, decision making and idea management. The first Visual Decision Making Techniques course was held with 5 attendees from diverse professional fields. Within the course however they hadRead More

10 ways to become more innovative right now

Sometimes good intentions and actions do not match and all wishes to be innovative do not find their realization. And eventually, it comes out that only startups, that seem to spend their time having fun and finding genius programmers on the trees, can be innovative. And this is true but innovationsRead More

How do we define Innovation Management

For the purposes of management the following definition of innovation is usually used: “Systematic process for the creation of fundamentally new or improved products, services, processes, organizational structures and other activities that lead to an increase in the perceived value.” This definition has several important elements. First, innovation requires systematicRead More