10 ways to become more innovative right now

Sometimes good intentions and actions do not match and all wishes to be innovative do not find their realization.

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And eventually, it comes out that only startups, that seem to spend their time having fun and finding genius programmers on the trees, can be innovative.

And this is true but innovations usually come from well-established companies, which sometimes pass through complex processes of transformation. Here are 10 easy to implement steps which will lead to improvement of the organizational efficiency and innovation.

1. Determine the values and mission of the company

It is much easier to innovate, when all companies have a mission. In the US for example DHL have placed ecology among the main corporate values and besides their couriers are driven by hybrid engines, their routes avoid left turns at all costs because they require more waiting at the traffic lights.

2. Institutionalize the innovation

Let employees know that it is part of the company and they have responsibilities associated with it. Many leading global companies already have Chief Executive Officer of Innovation (CIO) or Chief Executive Officer of Technology (CTO).

3. Make your office different

People are not the most creative ones while sitting behind the desk. You have probably seen the amazing offices of Google and other great spaces that predispose employees feel at home.

4. Create communication channels in the organization

Feedback from the lowest levels of the hierarchy is irreplaceable and Purchasing department can have invaluable advice for the Marketing department. Imagine that merchants see you, that potential buyers buy the product X only if they have taken the product Y. If they have an easy communication channel with product managers, a common product with more sales coyld be created, and why not co-branding.

5. Take decisions that affect other people together with them

Not only you will allow yourself to take a better decision, but you will be sure, that it will be better accepted. Otherwise, you are just risking your idea to turn to be either not so good, or simply unwanted.

6. Work through visual representation of your ideas

They will be much easier to be perceived by others and will unlock more creative energy. You must agree that a sketch of your future boutique may tickle your fantasy more than 4 pages of specifications and descriptions.

7. Wipe out uncertainty avoidance

Even if you copy your competitors’ product, you will not have a guaranteed success. Then why to be afraid of something new? Anyone who has embarked innovation, has experienced the same uncertainty and hesitation as you. However, success is not due to the certainty that conditions are right, but то the determination to give your best.

8. Collect a lot of information from everywhere

Comprehensive information about your current business activity gives comprehensive information about your business in the future. Introducing new ways of measuring parameters meeting your goals, mission and values, will allow you to view new challenges for your company. And each challenge you overcome, brings you closer to leading position on the market.

9. Gather multidisciplinary people in a team

With the same Lego blocks you can not build anything, but with different blocks you can assemble a spacecraft. Just imagine how 15 people who come from the same field and know the same tools, seek innovative solution. They will confine themselves only within what they have already seen, that is possible.

10. Think about your users

A brilliant idea will not survive if people do not understand how to take advantage of it. Just think – when was the last time you bought something you do not know how to work with? And when was the last time you went to a place where you do not have a clear idea of what is required of you? Let’s admit that we would avoid most public administrations if they were not mandatory.

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