Decision Making through visual communication in IPI Institute

The latest practical course from IPI Institute aims to develop a vital set of professional skills in anyone who deals with human interaction, decision making and idea management.

cropped view of businessman in formal wear analyzing infographics on flipchart

The first Visual Decision Making Techniques course was held with 5 attendees from diverse professional fields. Within the course however they had to embody the role of different stakeholders in a simple company environment: department managers, customers, or suppliers.

Each one of them possesses different information and aims at different objectives. The case study provided to the attendees requires an apt navigation through the data collection, interpretation and combination. Based on the shared information, diverse ideas emerged and were progressively transformed into a management plan.

The whole process was facilitated by the Valkrea Project Deck visual teamwork techniques. They consist in simple tools that enable clear and creative communication between multiple stakeholders. Thanks to them, the team was able to share the basic data each member possessed, define priorities, generate ideas, and come up with a viable solution.

The course was led by Mitko Tsonev who has previously presented the techniques in betahaus Sofia and in Incubator Plovdiv

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