The Institute


has been established in 2014 with a mission to deliver better tools for tomorrow’s knowledge creation. The primary objective is to provide high-quality, modern education for the future business leaders. Our world’s growth lies in the knowledge-intensive industries and activities that require profound understanding and skillful handling of the ideas’ uniqueness. This is where IPI Institute creates tangible value for everyone. We generate and provide know-how for managing the ideas that lead your organization to success on the market.


IPI Institute develops state-of-the-art competency in 2 areas of immense significance for modern business: intellectual property management and innovation management. We provide intricate knowledge combining diverse science disciplines ranging from law to business management and organizational behavior.


The Institute was founded in 2014 and counts on a visionary team of experienced professionals as a result of their will to establish a solid educational platform that harnesses the best international business practices. Growing alongside highly skilled knowledge workers who are able to bring new and successful ideas to the market is what defines IPI Institute as a unique center of skill and competence creation.


Board of Directors Science Advisory Board
Mitko Tsonev – Executive Director
eng. Ivan Ivanov – Chairman of the Board
Aglika Ivanova – Bord Member
Prof. Georgy Filipov –  Chairman of the Board

Prof. Dr. Veselina Maneva